Brand Marketing and PR

Have you ever looked at a color and thought it represents your brand? We can make that happen.

The modern age is full of developments and progress. We live in a world where we drown ourselves in luxuries and modern innovations, and yet come up with new inventions to make our lives even simpler. The world we live in has drowned itself in luxuries and modern innovation and still comes up with new inventions to simplify our lives. We have come from the time where the assembly line was the future of habituating Mars. In the age of agnosticism, the customer also pays for the experience that comes with the product. The brand adds to their reputation, while the wholesomeness of the product caters to them. Derest believes in the adage that it is not the idea, but the execution that makes a difference. Brand and marketing goes hand in hand this is where the importance of marketing your brand in the right way and having correct PR strategies are very important. While “branding” a product is all about promoting a term, symbol or a product name, public relations (PR) is something with marketing and advertising efforts. Therefore, proper branding mixed with good PR can result in both higher sales and customer loyalty for a product or service.

This is all that Derest will add to your cart and more. We have the team for the right brand marketing skills required, with a myriad of services offered. Creation and execution are important phases of brand marketing, but brand promotion and brand management are important too. The Derest team executes promotion through data-driven brand awareness campaigns in various avenues and focuses on strategic brand management to meet your needs. We know the competition is tough, but we know your worth, and we will leave no stone unturned to deliver the same to your customers. Come, build a legacy with us.

Branding services offered:


Logo Designing

Moodboard and colo scheme

Viisting cards and office designing

Brand positioning

Social Media Branding/Marketing

Brand Voice

Media Planning and Publishing

Logo designing

Moodboard and color scheme

Visitng cards and office designing

Brand Positioning

Social Media Branding

Brand Voice