A good advertisement turns great when it shows up to that right place at the right time; and haunts your customer till they make a purchase.

Advertising is a tricky place to put your money in; but what’s more risky is making a business out of it. Your ads are our products; and their success ensures our success; which makes us strive for better results.

With increasing technologies; social media has enabled us to promote your brand across various streams, from Facebook ads, Instagram Ads. Tinder Ads, Snapchat Ads to Youtube Ads and Google Ads.

Derest is a young marketing agency. But, we are brimming with fresh advertising ideas for this age-old marketing practice. Our collective nascency is not a disadvantage, rather it gives us an edge in understanding Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and a plethora more of social media platforms.

The diversification doesn’t stop there, we are also skilled in various advertising types. We devise an advertising strategy through data, planning, and execution with creativity generously sprinkled through each stage. Our advertising campaign follows everything to the textbook while keeping intangibles like client servicing, and measurement of the ad power, top-notch.

Pick us as your premier option for an advertising agency and we will deliver and manage your advertising needs until we get to the finish line. But the fun part is, you don’t have to be omnipresent. Choosing the right platform can help you get 100 times the ROI or even more. You believe in your product and we believe in ours. Choose to ride with us and leave DEREST to us.

Services we offer:

FB and IG Ads


TINDER and gaming ads

Hoardings and Banners

Print Media, Radio and TVCs