Article Writing Services

An extended blog is an article; so is a magazine or a newspaper column. Yes, we love writing long posts.

The days of the newspaper are fading away. We have moved to a digital, on-screen society. Writing on a paper is becoming a thing of the past and only emerging as a personal habit. But, long gone are the days of a closed group of organizations publishing articles, magazines, and newspaper columns. These pieces of written content have now transcended genres and institutions. The modern consumer looks for it from their brands too. Rather than having a long and jarring copy, it is better to bifurcate it and come up with articles or newsletters. An article about product launches, how-tos, product details, and features, catches the eyes of the consumer. This establishes your brand as an industry expert. It is also expected, in these times, of brands to have a standing in societal and cultural discourse. Derest believes in this modern form of marketing.

The Derest writing team has every bit of technical skill required for article writing for your brand while keeping the readability factor alive with creativity. The text stands out to the consumer with the flow of the words; also imparting crucial information required of the title. Derest believes article writing services should not stop at that but also have an SEO nous to the creative. SEO article writing ensures that certain keywords are incorporated, and other tools are used to make your content visible to every potential customer out there. SEO article writing techniques like keywords, backlinking, h1 tags, outbound links, meta descriptions etcetera will be used to optimize the creative. We listen to the client, hence we don’t just specialize in online article writing, but print too if the client chooses. You choose the route, list your article writing needs, and leave DEREST to us.