E-Mail Marketing Services

100,000 email subscribers or 100,000 Instagram followers? Choose the former and we have got you covered.

Mailing is an age-old sales and marketing method that has stood the test of time. In this digital age, email marketing has the edge of that personal touch in the area of digital marketing. Email marketing or mail marketing gives you the opportunity to pop into your desired customer’s inbox, without having to blow a huge amount of money. A single email can serve to sell your product to potential customers or spread brand awareness. Email marketing, done the right way, has the potential to generate great business while keeping that invaluable personal connection with the customer. There are many reasons that makes email marketing one of the best but here are two points that makes email marketing stand out;

· Popularity of Email- Email is the number one communication channel as almost all the consumers check their Emails daily.

· Conversion Rate- ROI for Emails are one of the highest among all the marketing tools. This reason is enough for anyone to opt for Email marketing.

Derest has a team of well trained professionals for drafting an email marketing strategy to go with writing the email. With a 56% opening rate, a catchy CTA will help your customer fall into the good half of the statistic. Derest is equipped with a comprehensive set of email marketing tools to help you drive revenues. Our team has tried and tested email marketing software and email designs ready. The best part is that the email marketing strategy requires an initial personalized email followed by automated emails, cutting time, and cost for you. Tell us your needs and our team get to form a results-driven strategy.

Pick the time and leave DEREST to us.

Services we offer:

Email Template Design

Email Marketing Strategy

Automated Emails

Email Marketing Management

Audience Targeting and Email Buidling List

Analytics and Reports